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Now Available... Aromatek Odour Removal.

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 Aromatek Odour Kill

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The Aromatek system uses a dry vapour Neutrox cartridge that has a blend of 32 essential oils designed to Neutralise and permantley remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals, food and drink...

 The dry vapour produced by the Aromatek system penetrates deep into the porus surfaces inside the vehicle Fabric & Headlining .

 This system is also used to re-circulate through the air conditioning systems of vehicles to remove the build up of odours and bacteria

Approx. 2hr Vapour Session: Small/Medium 45 Large 65

+ include

***A choice of Citrus or Leather Fragrance added at the end of session ***

* Discounted when booked with full or part interior valet *

* This Service is only available when vehicle brought to our premises by appointment *



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